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Prayer Help

I have the SWEETEST Husband ever!
He has faith in me even when I dont have faith in myself.
I REALLY dont want to let him down.

I need prayer help, please.
If you believe in God and Jesus, his son, please pray for us.
I have faith God will lead us where we need to go.
I also know there is so much work ahead.

Please pray I get into Pharmacy School. ANY Pharmacy School.
God knows the desires of our hearts and thus knows our 1st choice is Denver.
The time is getting closer and closer.
I would LOVE to be a pharmacist and make my Daddy proud. *plus so many more reasons!*

Help me to study instead of computer.
Help me to bead instead of draw.
Help US to focus our eyes on YOU first Lord.

Please also pray for Nic, Kitty, Mike, Melanie, Heather, Trevor, Nathan, Dyllan, and my clients.

Life is hard,
But God is good.   <3
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