Angela_Hood (angela_hood) wrote,


yeah... i havent posted in forever O.O
s ok though, i have a normal journal...on paper :P *shrug*

new news
im in an online class this semester and have no clue how it works : /

i have to work the next 5 days in a row *9 hour shifts* to cover ppl
quiting at Walgreens

ive been sleeping on my neck wrong n have the beginnigs of
carpel tunnel >.<

i ordered a dark red zip-up shirt offa e bay for myself for
my birthday comming up 3-20-84 *i also ordered a self
designed my little pony >.< too fun

my pookie is heading off to work *from 10- 5 : )

hmm : / it dosent feel like im writing inna journal here,
it feels like im writing an e mail to everyone on my
"friends" list : P but thats what you guys want right?
the current happenings in my life? : P : )

i have a confession.. *some may know*
I ...*dramatic pause* am addicted... to E bay O.O
it is the easiest way to go broke : P
*click* *click* *broke!* O.O WEEEEEEEEEE : )

does anyone remember that cartoon forever back
mad jack the pirate? mad jack? jack the pirate?
one of those names :P which name is right? ive been looking for
merchandise, but i dunno if anything was made : / poo

ppl say i should post more often : / sorry ppl : (
this is where ive been this whole time >.< *there is a journal there
i write in for you to read : )

this is where my art is

and here are current pics of me, pookie, n bootsie : )

please come visit me there and comment on my art or in that
journal k? : ) id prolly read that before ... *shrug*

ok ... *update* : )
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