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anyone see Batman?
i liked it : )
**you can see that main guy in "Equilibrium" also :D
*awesome Awesome Movie :D

also i JUST saw "War of the Worlds"
and my expectations for that movie were WAY to high : P
Spielburg n dreamcast n everyone : P
Movie was ok : P little like EVERY alien movie i saw -_-
n ive seen almost all of them : P

lemme know *if ANYONE knows*
how come the aliens died @.@
ive heard 9347532 theories, but still
confused O.O Thanks :D

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In short, the aliens died because of germs. We've been here so long, we're immune to a lot of the bacteria and microoganism floating through the air. The poor aliens aren't. Sorta like when Europe first visited the Americas. People died left and right because of little germs they had no immunity to.
Yep, bacteria in water and food the aliens drank and ate. Like the other guy said. =)

When are the Hoods and Aspinwalls getting together? We could meet halfway in Denver for a fun double date night.
We all enjoy some KR also =D
I'm currently in the process of changing jobs, so I'm not sure what days I have off right now.